A researcher the University of Arizona the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy $ 1.

Feelings of euphoria of ecstasy To By UA Pharmacy Researcher be examinedThe National Institute on Drug Abuse, a researcher the University of Arizona the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy $ 1,000 for an almost five-year study of long-term negative effects of the street drug ecstasy, also known as the ‘hug drug. ‘ – Terrence J. Head of the College-Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, will a specialist in the study of drug toxicology, or the ‘bad’effects of drugs. He is. By the Principal Investigator on the project ecstasy ‘Most research on ecstasy focuses on the pharmacological or toxic effects of the drug,’says Monks. ‘My interest is to learn how the drug has adverse effects on the brain. ‘.

‘.. Monks ‘ research will focus on the process that the the into toxic of the body. When the drug passes into the body orally in the form of tablets , enzymes in the body, either to convert into harmless metabolites or toxic metabolites. Prediction that people process ecstasy into toxic metabolites easily than other people the challenge. ‘Individuals metabolize ecstasy differently,’says Monks. ‘If 100 people take ecstasy, perhaps five will metabolize the drug very efficiently, while five others will metabolize the drug poorly.Base identify when sequencing of: In addition to reaching fine control of DNA translocations by nanopore is, a central challenge for the sequencing is accurate identification of individual nucleotides for ssDNA. While passing through AHL 0.10 to 15 based on a polymer comprising ss DNA pore central channel. Strategy in development to distinguish of individual bases, for example, have scientists the University of Oxfordshire previously publishes a process at accurate identifying individual nucleotides for ssDNA immobilizes in one AHL nanopore is. Further works continue in Oxford nanopores and in the laboratories of the company an employee..

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