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Frederick Hall, President and CEO of Epeius that ‘We are now in an excellent position to fulfill our mission to to develop our business plan in an exemplary way and commercialize quality of our lead product for the benefit of cancer patients worldwide, ‘.. In 2003, Rexin – G gained FDA approval as an orphan drug for clinical demonstrations of the medical utility of Rexin – G as an effective treatment for pancreatic cancer is based. Six out of six first patients with advanced pancreatic cancer responded favorably to Rexin – G as significant shrinkage and / or disappearance of metastatic tumor nodules or stabilization of the disease, relief of pain, weight gain and enlargement demonstrated the over-all survival without side effects side effects usually with a standard chemotherapy.The samples were comprising carried ELISA to anti-KLH IgM, IgG1 and IgG2 tested for.. Method of and results ofResearchers tested almost 50 healthy young and older male, some physically active and a few sedentary. With KLH overcoming a huge problem many previous age vs. Training studies typically used typically used in vitro tests or vaccines and recall antigens to trigger immune response. In the first stage, all subjects of have ‘immunizing ‘with KLH with blood on day one and then accumulated every week of the month.

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