According to medical researchers.

The object more lead than an average person would – such as mining, asbestos fabric manufacturing or refining. – ‘There were no significant differences in the career or smoking history between cases and controls in our study , which would sufficiently explain the association we have observed, ‘the researchers reported online in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.. Calcium and vitamin D of lead smokers’ risk for kidney cancerHigher than normal levels of lead in the blood can increase the risk two times higher than the average for developing countries to signal renal cell carcinoma in smokers, according to medical researchers.

‘This association suggests that vitamin D and calcium biomarkers important clues that may early detection of cancer early detection of cancer,’said Wilson. This is important because currently. No available screening tests for kidney cancer – ‘Studies have shown that people with kidney cancer have higher average lead levels in their kidney tissue, compared to those without kidney cancer,’said Southard. ‘Prior to our study, this was shown only in the bodies and not in living humans. Now we have shown that elevated blood lead levels put smokers at higher risk for kidney cancer. ‘.. Southard, Wilson and colleagues have been a cohort within the ATBC study, renal cell carcinoma diagnosed 154 cases after the first blood sample, and included 308 controls.Health officials said that the countries collaborate view more for had to struggle the resurgence and the virus from spreading. In July of witnessed Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and China, new outbreaks of the virus.

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