ACTEMRA is the first humanised interleukin 6 receptor monoclonal antibody.

And disaster relief experts from the Pan American Health Organization – which serves as a regional office for the Americas of the World Health Organization – have said that most common myths most common myths of natural disasters that dead bodies are responsible for epidemics.

It is a medical fact that infectious agents do not survive long corpses. – In order to counter the practice of mass burials and to help the management of dead bodies in the aftermath of disasters, public health officials develop these recommendations:.. ‘In too many cases,’says Van Alphen, ‘authorities rush to the victims, without burying under the under the false belief that bodies of of epidemics, it is simply not true. In a way that such a practice is not only scientifically unfounded, it violates the human rights of victims and survivors. Public health experts have repeatedly emphasized that the key to the prevention of disease is improving sanitary conditions and informing people.India and Brazil in the European Union in January 2009 for treating RA in patients who insufficiently inadequately to or the an intolerance prior treatment with a one or more disease had anti-rheumatic drugs or necrosis factor approved inhibitors. For the use in for use in more than 90 other countries, including India, Brazil, Switzerland and Australia. ACTEMRA has. In the U.S. January 2010 for treat adult patients who by moderate to heavy active RA approved inadequate response to one or more TNF inhibitors.. About ACTEMRAACTEMRA is the result of research collaboration by Chugai and being developed globally with Chugai.

Treatment is also permitted for use in the EU and a growing number of other countries, including Japan, Brazil, Switzerland and Australia.

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