Alexandre Abizaid.

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The Journal of Clinical Investigation is the publication of the American society for Clinical Investigation, an honor society of physician – scientists.of the brain, Reveal types of genes for brain development – the Harvard Medical School Harvard Medical School and Brandeis University successfully a full – genome RNAi screen in neurons finished what types of genes are responsible for the development of the brain. Details of the screen and its novel methodology are published fourth July in the open – access journal PLoS Genetics.

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Alexandre Abizaid, Chief of Coronary interventions of the Institute of Dante Pazzanese of Cardiology into Sao Paulo, Brazil, has a principal investigator on this 120 – patients, multi-center, Mark Landy, President study. In this study, 90 patients were will be VESTAsync nanoporous hydroxyl apatite obtained plated drug – eluting stents , while 30 patients the company the company VESTAcor stent of nano-porous HAp coated stents no active no active ingredient is obtained. The primary endpoint is late lumen loss, such angiography at nine months. Secondary endpoints include MACE and volumetric obstruction. The intravascular ultrasound , Optical Coherent Tomography and physiologic Subminiature studies will be and likely to be carried out. We are accelerating the pivotal trial obtained basis of the results to the VESTAsync in our pilot study first nine months patients follow-up and the potential inherent security in the currently marketed drugs – eluting stent to address use of a polymer drug drugs, said Dr. Mark Landy, President and Chief Executive Officer of MIV Therapeutics. Our stent is a polymer – free, nano, the microporous of hydroxyapatite a stent, of the ability of which, an organic material short term is a much smaller effective dose of of the drug have in fact 60 % of less. Having of the reliability out of bare-metal stents, and probably requires only short-term anticoagulant therapy Available today drugs – eluting stent requires patients accept anticoagulants such Plavix, for so long as a year. For the the information from this study supporting a request to CE marked of the VESTAsync through the end 2009 and look forward to ultimately has patients and clinicians a superior alternative to currently available products, be added Dr. Landy.

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