Although H5N1 is suspected.

Although H5N1 is suspected, additional laboratory tests to confirm this. It will be the first H5N1 bird flu outbreak near Moscow, when test results are positive again. Whether it was not confirmed by H5N1 is slightly confusing at the moment – some officials say tests have come back positive while others are deny. While a spokesman for the Ministry, Alexei Alexeyenko has confirmed H5N1 was in two places, Valery Sitnikox, Moscow Chief Veterinary Inspector, we do not say on the lab test results until today know February.

If we can keep the number of outbreaks in birds kept to a minimum, then the number of people becoming infected is also low – what mutate the bird flu virus fewer opportunities.Of Committee concluded that activities out of supervisory authorities had failed to prevent serious side effects, particularly in the context of overdoses. By the CHMP also asked to note that the medicament was just shown that a finite benefit for the patients a view to draw the line have measure, and that studies having examined to be several weaknesses. The Committee had therefore of the opinion.

Buflomedil in patients with stage II PAOD, to experience severe pain while walking actually relatively short distances set.. Weakness especially recommend Suspension Of Oral buflomedil -containing medicines.

The European Medicines Agency’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use recommends that the supplies oral buflomedil -containing medicines in every European Union Member States, in subjected to which it are currently authorized. This is a preliminary recommendation in anticipation of the complete the continuous review of the benefits and risks of buflomedil injection.

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