Among the coolest things Duncan could be seen for the first time.

Among the coolest things Duncan could be seen for the first time, thanks to the new research tool, are the ball and socket on the outside of the lens fiber cells found. Previously, these structures were visible only with an electron microscope, the limited studies of their possible function.

Treat Another colleague, Liyun Wang, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, studied how fluids bone bone in her research on effective drug delivery systems to develop, osteoporosis and arthritis. – ‘For the first time we are able to measure these things, ‘Duncan says. ‘And our productivity is much higher because we collect and store the data much faster with a device that has modern lasers, computers and electronics in comparison to our old microscope. ‘.In looking fecal blood screening, laboratory assistants to invisible traces by blood in stool that patient smeared onto a card. The presence of blood might indicate cancer. However, tumors bled times, the. Test the borders of accuracy for cancer detection Drei stool samples were been tested of blood for every participant, the typical approach of fecal blood screening. With these changes, DNA test , researchers used sensitive laboratory tools to identify DNA in cell cast on Krebs and precancerous polyps in stool samples. Only one sample was necessary because DNA pouring will assumed continuously his.

Mayo Clinic , Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at been# 1 in U.S. News & World Report Honor Roll of Top Hospitals space as ranking began some 18 years ago.

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