And aims to eliminate much of the guesswork for all those living with the persistent disease.

Another critical problem, he said, is usually estimating just how many carbohydrates they eat accurately. These blood sugar readings, together with the quantity of carbs eaten, must be interpreted to decide how much insulin the individual must inject. Fitness and Exercise also impact the quantity of insulin required. Continuous blood glucose monitors are available in the marketplace, but are not yet as accurate as finger sticks tests, he said. Overall, Bequette said, there are several judgment calls and best guesses being made on a daily basis by people with Type 1 diabetes. And though medical technology for diabetes is very reliable and advanced, he is focusing on an artificial pancreas that could take away the need for most of this guesswork.It could be found in lower doses and in addition reduces the frequency and severity of side effects for pulmonary infections. The company expects to begin with recruiting patients at its four international trial centres by the ultimate end of the entire year. Dr. However, we are already in a position to initiate clinical trials to fully assess its safety and tolerability and gather information on appropriate dosages. I am happy for patients experiencing cystic fibrosis, who will benefit directly from this promising once-a-day time treatment: a significant improvement both in treatment and individual management.

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