And its own novel HER2-targeted therapy Bristol-Myers Squibb Business and F-star Alpha Ltd.

Under the conditions of the agreement, Bristol-Myers Squibb will make payments aggregating to $50 million that contain an option fee for the right to acquire F-star Alpha Ltd., payment for several privileges and licenses from F-star Alpha Ltd. And a clinical milestone payment upon initiation of the Phase 1 trial. Bristol-Myers Squibb will be in charge of conducting and funding advancement of FS102 through the option period. Bristol-Myers Squibb can exercise the option to acquire F-star Alpha Ltd. In its single discretion upon its decision to commence a Stage 2b trial.Robert Gundel, Vice President of Research and Advancement at Amorfix. ‘Furthermore, Amorfix’s vast expertise in diagnostics places us in a great position to develop companion diagnostics for patient selection and monitoring of medical efficacy. We have become pleased to be collaborating with Epitomics, a organization with a proven history of achievement in developing clinical-quality antibodies.’ ‘Epitomics’ proprietary RabMAbs platform is a successful approach to the era of high affinity mAbs against peptide targets’, said Weimin Zhu, Senior Vice President of Antibody Technology at Epitomics.

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