Anhui fever fever.

In addition, health authorities have reported that two doctors who treated the doctoral student during their hospitalization in Hefai, Anhui fever fever. A person in close contact with one of the doctors fever fever.

Authorities have closed the virology institute and its more than 200 employees under medical surveillance. Numerous environmental samples from the laboratory have been taken with the WHO with the WHO to evaluate possible sources of infection, and these samples.According to respondents, reported Over 75 % of the HIV transmission HIV transmission, say topic.

Knowledge about 75 percent of students in China, widespread spread and how prevent the transmission of the virus, according to a survey publishes recently by Ministry of Health, Xinhuanet report. Topic By an unnamed Research Institute of among 1,919 attendees within 24 higher education institutions in 19 cities, mentioning Information Bureau loud that Ministry of Health Moreover, wrote which 57.8 percent of participants was aware of of the risks associated with HIV / AIDS, 7 percent said they knew one test to detect HIV. According to the survey, public media – is the most effective means for the promotion of HIV / AIDS awareness, as campus buy this have little impact – among them TV shows, reports, films and Web sites.

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