Antibodies donate to severe dengue virus-induced disease also.

Scientists had long complained that the lack of a good animal model hampered initiatives to build up a first-ever dengue vaccine. Dr. Shresta said her group’s ADE results emphasize the need for special caution in creating a dengue virus vaccine. ‘Researchers should be extremely careful to ensure that, under no conditions, will a dengue vaccine generate these subneutralizing antibody conditions,’ she said. ‘Otherwise, it could cause visitors to develop the severest and potentially lethal type of the condition – – dengue hemorrhagic fever/dengue shock syndrome.’ Dr. Halstead agreed and said initiatives should focus on a vaccine that protects against all four serotypes to avoid subsequent attacks.We should continue steadily to help Australia develop, both and socially economically,’ he said. ‘CSIRO’s primary research capability may be the base of its research work which new three-year contract, which totals $1.7 billion, provides the system, certainty and continuity of funding had a need to allow CSIRO’s brilliant group of scientists to keep to accomplish what they perform best – produce great scientific answers to meet challenges and opportunities of national importance.’ Beneath the fresh triennium funding contract the Government provides CSIRO with $547M in 2004-05, $555M in 2005-06 and $564M in 2006-07.

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