Apoptosis plays a role in many diseases in many clinical areas 80 mg of celexa.

About APOSENSE TechnologyAPOSENSE a proprietary new class of rationally to identify to identify small molecules that selectively accumulate within apoptotic cells in vivo. Apoptosis plays a role in many diseases in many clinical areas, including oncology, neurology and cardiology 80 mg of celexa . Molecular imaging with APOSENSE allows real-time visualization of the biological activity of disease, its origin, to change course and response to therapy and the treatment for the individual patient to personalize. Therapeutic applications of technology in preclinical development are APOSENSE cancer therapy that uses apoptotic cells in tumors as targets for specific delivery of cytotoxic drugs to the tumor. APOSENSE technology was developed by NST Neuro Survival Technologies, a molecular imaging in clinical and drug development company that, for the introduction of new imaging and therapeutic agents across the alignment of cells concentrated develops. , visit, visit Apoptosis is a genetically controlled program of cell death, as a result of a nucleated cell in the body and therefore often referred to as cell suicide means.

IBA Molecular is the leading global provider of PET radiopharmaceuticals, the use of a global network of radio – pharmacies for labeling and distribution of[18F] labeled agents, including worldwide feature more than 37 cyclotron production. – This collaboration is an important step in establishing the necessary infrastructure for the deployment of APOSENS in our upcoming clinical studies and ultimately commercialization in the U.S. Is possible, said Yoram Ashery, CEO of NST. We are pleased assist with IBA, a world leader in the production of radioisotopes for imaging and therapy, and about our shared vision of the potential role that can APOSENSE, patient care can play to improve in several areas of disease. This agreement is an important milestone in the expansion of our leading position in the field of radiopharmaceuticals Following the announcement in May with Wilex, GMP-s is the second agreement for a novel agent in the field of PET radiopharmaceuticals and it is. Confirms our strategy, technology, materials and services for medical imaging centers from a single source. We are very pleased that our enhanced cooperation, said Pierre Mottet, Chief Executive Officer of IBA.

IBM today announced that was recognized for its contributions to EuResist research project AIDS care Computerworld Honors Program Computerworld Honors Program Laureate for 2009.

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