Are Female Infants Growing Breasts in China solution?

Are Female Infants Growing Breasts in China? Are Chinese infants growing breasts from drinking a certain brand of milk powder? That’s what a band of Chinese parents are declaring and now the government is investigating solution . The formula involved is produced by Synutra and according to Chinese press, parents of at least three kids in the central province of Hubei said their children are developing breasts after consuming it. The babies were said by The reports, from four to 15 months old, were found to have abnormal levels of the hormones estradiol and prolactin, which stimulates lactation, or the making of breast milk. At first, I thought it had been a tumor. But medical center doctors diagnosed it as symptom of sexual prematurity due to hormones preliminarily, Deng Xiaoyun, who has a 1-year-old daughter, monday told the English-language Global Times newspaper.

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