Article: Ola Bratt

Article: Ola Bratt, Department of Urology, Helsingborg HospitalEditorial: Elizabeth Allen, The Cancer Therapy and Research Center .

Rural Proofing should policy makers do not really have the impact of the new policy of rural communities and their existing rural health care to ensure that the measures would various rural areas and various rural areas and would be adverse consequences.

Chronix scientists developed proprietary diagnostic databases related information by using algorithms to detect them, peer reviews developed to identify disease-related fragments of of DNA which are released to the bloodstream of apoptotic cells. This apoptotic DNA dates from limited number of chromosomal regions, and ‘hotspots’of the genome for each disease for each disease. By focusing on this genome hotspot , the Chronix tests reliably detect the presence of a cancer, before previously and analyze tumor cell, an important benefit. – ‘The tremendous increase in velocity and economy of OJ SOLiD4 offers allows us dramatically accelerating the development of proprietary diagnostic data bases and information that are based on the foundation of our test the serum apoptosis DNA ‘, Julia Beck, Laboratory Manager at Chronix. ‘Platform agnostic flexibility of our technology allows us to to select the hardware with the optimal performance criteria, and the results so far of of these highly automated the sequencer are very encouraging. ‘.

UNICEF is concern that flood has adopted that poorest people to survive is the least capable of which present severe conditions. The primary concerns is of water-borne diseases, both acute respiratory tract infections, Haut diseases and malnutrition, an dangerously high, affected in many of Pakistan. Of Pakistan.

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