As 2nd existed in treatment of hereditary by oppression DNA mutations.

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Therapeutic vaccines against cancer is currently winding its way through the clinical trial process include antigen-presenting cells containing patient tumor fragments or RNA, viral vectors can be modified to cancer epitopes, fusion proteins, hybridomas, whole tumor cells in vitro and re – injection into the processed expressing patients Therapeutic fifteen different approaches to the antigen-specific immune stimulation.. Of all the activity in therapeutic vaccines, are those with which the immune system against cancer upregulated the most advanced and diverse.As 2nd existed in treatment of hereditary by oppression DNA mutations.

Genetic mutation way human cells making proteins which in turn able disturbing genetic disease. David Bedwell, into University of Alabama in Birmingham Department of Microbiology said researchers have closer than ever to production of drugs that about solve the problem-protein signal and drastic improving treatment of genetic diseases.

To Bedwell the best known degree, ataluren restored in of up to 29 % of the normal function of this protein on mice with cystic fibrosis. Another researcher not connected by UAB ataluren reported much as 25 % the lack of or unusual function of this protein mice with Duchenne muscular renovated.

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