As for flies.

As for flies, Tublitz outlined a tantalizing question, still unanswered, further including the flight from his laboratory for the past ten years. Scientists for years, he said, will have a hard rule about what a neuron that a neuron cell always arises from the ectoderm of a developing embryo. Instead But, a discovery in Drosophila – fruit flies – this assumption has softened.

Cells from the mesoderm rest in a layer on top of the fruit fly, the nervous system, said Tublitz. ‘These cells have all the properties of neurons. ‘A film shown during his speech appears a long list of properties often applied with only a few exceptions, to neurons. ‘Are these mesodermal cells nerve cells and is I not answer this question conclusively, but we have data that can answer ‘yes ‘to indicate produces. ‘.Eighty-one persons with SCI in Holland done a wheelchair – ability to test.

Social participation is modestly carry to the number of wheelchair tasks that one person could require and the amount of time and physical activity to to fulfill these tasks with the strongest with the strongest Federation of performance period.

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