Authors were Rodney Hayward.

Authors:. Besides Gold, authors were Rodney Hayward, Department of Internal medicine and the School of Public Health and Angela L., Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and the School of Public Health – financing :. By by the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program and the UM Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

If this information is translated into the number of women with breast cancer to die to die, some 130,000 people were saved his life, he noted.Data from the year 2006 – the most recent statistics available – showed that about 2.5 million American women breast cancer breast cancer. Most of these women were free of cancer. Others were still under treatment.The study was conducted to collaboration with colleagues at to the malarial Research Institute research clinic into Macha, Zambia carried out. Urinary and saliva samples were obtained from 47 patients to malarial and 4 of without a, and having with the PCR method. DNA from P. Falciparum, the parasite that malarial created was replicates to higher levels from the saliva of in comparison with urine samples But was not one of two methods, as sensitive as the use of blood samples.. The test uses polymerase chain reaction , one technique for reproduction and then checked unique bits from DNA from a sample, creating a DNA in order to be multiplied in the laboratory the in the same PCR technique is responsible for auditing malaria in blood, however never been have been applied into urine and saliva samples.

Despite not a diagnostic test to determining the treatment of would be minimize the the need Blood Collection procedures in epidemiological studies where large malaria screening is required. Blood increases the danger which spreading of HIV and other conditions, especially in the developing countries in which of both with HIV and malaria are widespread. Blood has by qualified personnel by trained personnel, whereas urine and of saliva samples not. The study has been published online by the 8 th November 2006 from circulation malarial log. – Testing urine or saliva could be a simple and safe way to keep the Details for the study of malaria in the municipalities necessary gather For example, it is used in trials could be used to establish whether a population is growing resistant against malaria drugs method that very serious issue, said David J.

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