Brittany Maynard video could sway Calif.

Brittany Maynard video could sway Calif m├ędecine click here . Death debate Brittany Maynard – – the youthful woman with terminal human brain cancer who became an advocate for the terminally ill and took her very own life less than Oregon’s aid-in-dying law – – has been gone since November. But on Wednesday, the 29-year-old made a posthumous appearance in a video at a California senate committee hearing, where she urged support for the passing of the state’s End-of-Life Option Act. Maynard wrote and taped her statement just weeks before her death. ‘As elected officials, you have the charged power to make this happen,’ Maynard said in the video testimony, which was launched by her spouse at the hearing.

David Agus said on ‘CBS This morning hours. ‘ There are only five says that permit aid in dying currently. In other says, a patient’s best possibility is for a doctor to ease their suffering. ‘We are able to take away pain, we can eliminate symptoms that you may have, but simultaneously, we can not restore dignity,’ he stated. He also views her story as a two-fold failure of the medical system. ‘One is, we can’t treat this horrible cancers,’ he said. ‘And the second reason is, she & most cancer sufferers don’t trust physicians to be able to alleviate the majority of the symptoms by the end of lifestyle and restore dignity.’ While Agus said he’d do his best to convenience Brittany’s symptoms if he were to treat her, that isn’t the only important piece. ‘My work is to teach her with the facts, and then she makes your choice predicated on her value system,’ he explained.

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