But processing memory.

Clinical studies show that picornavirus infections in people with inflammation of the brain and damage to the hippocampus can be linked – the part of the brain responsible for forming, cells, but processing memory. Inflammation-induced damage to the brain is thought to be associated with learning and memory disorders.

Other viruses in this family include those that cause foot-and-mouth disease , polio and hepatitis A. Researchers were intrigued by the possibility of a link between picornavirus infections and memory loss. Little has been published in this field, says Dr.– ‘This is the the first clinical trial of a surgical adhesives as fix methods on browplasty,’said Steven L. CEO, BioForm Medical will, ‘When shown to be safe and effect clinical studies, which use of BioGlue may be an attractive and a less invasive alternative to doctors and patients in comparison with the traditional methods of fixation. Surgical adhesive fixation using BioGlue may be enable physicians privately held surgery time, risk of and complaints of the patient by of the A method bores holes into the skull to be necessary avoiding, tissue fixing member.

‘To pursuing We are delighted that the first clinical study BioGlue for the use in cosmetic surgery is now underway, ‘said Steven G. Anderson, president and chief executive officer of CryoLife, ‘CryoLife additional application possibilities for BioGlue required, and we are happy that our partnership with the BioForm been led during clinical evaluation of our products in the fast growing, minimally invasive cosmetic surgery industry. ‘.

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