But those with two mutated alleles had significantly lower hemoglobin concentration problème de eraction.

Tibetans with only one allele with this mutation had about the same hemoglobin concentration as Han Chinese, but those with two mutated alleles had significantly lower hemoglobin concentration problème de eraction . However, they all have about the same oxygen concentration in blood. For some reason, of hemoglobin.ith two copies of the mutation function at high altitude with relatively low hemoglobin concentration in the blood. The mutation seems to be an alternative inborn mechanism for dealing with the low oxygen levels to create, said Nielsen.

The Tibetans and Han Chinese genomes are essentially identical in terms of the frequency of polymorphisms in the roughly 20,000 genes, However, 30 genes were characterized by dramatic differences between the Tibetans and the Han. We have a list of the genes the most, Nielsen said, and what was fascinating was at the top of this list, a gene that had changed very much was, and it was related for the reaction! oxygen oxygen. .


By Josep Bassaganya – Riera, associate professor and director of the Nutritional Immunology Group on the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute at Virginia Tech, H. Pylori on the paper, said: Besides building a picture of H. Pylori genome, we have attempted to find out what functions might be of Native American strain of H. Pylori responsibility for the low incidence of stomach cancer and other. Related conditions that were reported in some geographic areas, including parts of South America Notice experiments show that a cell toxin-associated gene is known as a cagA substantially inflammation, inflammation, he added. Further experiments involving mice have shown that an unusual arrangement of these inflammation lose gene when the organism to interact with his host in the stomach, what the low incidence of stomach cancer and peptic ulcer in some populations to explain of might, New World. Further attempts are ongoing to create the causality on these observations in order to mathematical computational and models of non immune response to H. Pylori development of. .

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