Cleft lip and cleft palate happen in about 1 or 2 2 of each 1.

Cleft Palate and Lip An orofacial cleft is whenever a baby exists with an opening in the lip and/or roofing of the mouth area . Cleft lip and cleft palate happen in about 1 or 2 2 of each 1, 000 babies born in the United States each full year, making it one of the most common birth defects. Both cleft lip and cleft palate are treatable. Most kids can have surgery to repair them within the first year or two of life. What sort of Cleft Palate or Lip Forms During the 1st 6 to 10 several weeks of being pregnant, the bones and tissues of a baby’s higher jaw, nose, and mouth normally come together to form the roof of the mouth area and the upper lip.

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