Climate change may be the biggest health threat to kids in the 21st century.

Climate change may be the biggest health threat to kids in the 21st century, says new report Climate change is the biggest health threat to children in the 21st century and represents an instantaneous global emergency, according to a fresh report, Feeling the Heat, released today by Save the kids, at the Barcelona United Nations Climate Transformation talks. As many as 175 million children per year will be strike hardest as natural disasters increase over the next decade. No one will be immune from the consequences of climate change, but children will experience the brunt of disasters such as floods, cyclones and droughts, because they get worse, the international children’s organisation said. These disasters will match an increase in malnutrition and disease, already the biggest killers of children.These findings show that besides cancer-specific factors, mental and physical patient-specific factors are important factors to take into account when choosing men for energetic surveillance. The total results also suggest that psychological support may be indicated using patients undergoing active surveillance. While this study’s results are useful, Dr. Van den Bergh noted that longer-term analyses are required on the psychological ramifications of energetic surveillance in men with early prostate tumor. His research group is conducting such a report. Article: ‘Nervousness and distress during energetic surveillance for early prostate malignancy.’ Roderick C.N.

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