Codeine given to kids despite warning online pharmacy.

Codeine given to kids despite warning, study finds A fresh report warns of kids becoming treated with the powerful painkiller codeine. The American Academy of Pediatrics discovers emergency room doctors prescribe codeine to children more than 500,000 times per year online pharmacy . The result comes despite national recommendations that urge against giving the drug to kids. The 10-year research, published in Pediatrics, discovered just three % of kids’ emergency visits led to a codeine prescription this year 2010, but with an increase of than 25 million er visits by kids each full year, the authors say far too many kids are getting the drug when better options are available. The study’s lead writer, Dr. Sunitha Kaiser, a co-employee pediatrics professor at the University of California, San Francisco, says doctors and parents ought to know about codeine’s disadvantages and that alternatives can be found, including dark honey for coughs in children over age 1; and ibuprofen or the opiate drug hydrocodone, for pain including broken bones.

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