Cold sores linked to Alzheimers: Self-defense?

Cold sores linked to Alzheimer’s: Self-defense? Painful, yes. Embarrassing, maybe. But new study gives scientists a obvious picture of how frosty sores can lead to a health concern that’s a bit more serious: Alzheimer’s disease. That’s right. The same herpes virus type 1 that triggers chilly sores on the lips, mouth, or gums can donate to dementia, according to a study published in the March 31 issue of the journal PLoS ONE. ‘Herpes infects mucous membranes, such as the eyes or lip, and generates viral particles,’ lead writer Dr.As they seek out this critical info, many will convert to the American Malignancy Society for assistance. Unfortunately, the organization many believe to become a ‘trusted reference’ is misleading cancer patients by downplaying the advantages of vegetables and fruit and other aspects of a healthy diet – claiming that food options play little if any part in reducing and preventing malignancy symptoms. ACS declares that ‘diet is an unclear factor’ in preventing cancerOn its website, the American Cancer Culture lists a number of breast cancer risk factors. With regards to vitamin and diet plan intake, nevertheless, the ACS labels evidence regarding these elements as unclear.

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