Com online banking under great cyber strike for over 72 hours.

UPDATE: Shortly after this story proceeded to go live, began responding regularly. We will continue to monitor the site to see if it remains up. Interestingly, there isn’t any single story covering this in the mainstream mass media that I could find. One of the world’s largest banks has its website taken offline for over 72 hours and nobody covers it? How many thousands of people cannot pay their bank cards, check accounts balances and initiate accounts transfers? That this is not being reported in the press can be highly suspicious. Is the long-feared cyber strike assault now under method that may bring U.S.AISight solves this nagging issue by alerting only in abnormal behavior. Notifications are immediately deployed instantly to security employees across several computer systems, and web-structured systems, from command-and-control centers to advantage PDA systems such as military gadgets, BlackBerrys and iPhones even. Given immediate, real-time video content material, security personnel get access to practical and actionable intelligence right now, turning what might have been a forensic investigation right into a effective interdiction, saving lives, property and maintaining critical functions. 21-23, BRS Labs will be offering demonstrations and reviewing case research of AISight through the ASIS Seminar & Exhibits at the Convention Middle in Anaheim, Calif.

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