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Investigators examined nine years inscribed of health claims data in adults in the Florida Medicaid program to the health care burden of OCD, compare to a relatively rare mental disorder, affecting approximately 1-3 % of the U release of substances .S. Population, that of depression, a very common mental disorder that typically requires significant medical and mental health care. In previous work BioMedEcon reported that patients Patients with pure OCD identified triple health care costs of patients with pure depression had . Given this unprecedented intelligence investigators refined their definition of pure OCD and pure depression to determine whether the original results would hold. This revised study, the definition of pure OCD refined to further exclude organic mental disorder, pervasive developmental disorder, psychotic brain damage, developmental disorders and mental retardation. The definition of ‘ pure depression , was refined in a similar manner except that instead of OCD was excluded depression. Patients with P – OCD were matched those with PD on sex, race / ethnicity, medical illness severity , age and year at their first OCD or depression diagnosis.

BioMedEcon investigators found that two years per patient, Median psychotropic costs were four times higher, respectively, in patients with P – OCD than among matched patients with PD (P – OCD $ 2,921 toward PD $ 682.

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