Concludes a new study.

1729ol-based screening to identify at-risk students helpful componentSchool – based screening suicidal and suicidal and emotionally disturbed students to identify the school recognized experts, concludes a new study.Students from seven high schools in the greater New York area closed the Columbia Suicide Screen. Of the total 1,729 students, 489 students were screened as potential risk potential risk require further study. About 34 % of students with significant mental health problems have been identified only through screening, 13 % were identified only by the school professionals, 34.9 % by both both through screening and by school professionals, 3 % were neither screening nor from school professionals identified. We emphasize that screening should be considered, but a component of suicide prevention and that it is not the need for school professionals reduce active in identifying and helping at-risk students are engaged, the study authors stated..

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