Considering military actions against President Bashar Assads federal government.

For somebody inhaling the gas, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, seizures, muscles spasms, excessive secretions and difficulty in breathing can occur within minutes. ‘You’re talking about many different organ systems getting affected, not one just,’ he said. In case of an attack, the gas can absorb through the skin or eyes and remain on clothing also, the latter posing a risk to crisis responders rushing to take care of the wounded. Two years of strife in Syria On the next anniversary of the uprising against Syrian President Bashar Assad, a appear back again at the bitter conflict The toll of Syria’s war Professional photographer Bridgette Auger paperwork the emotional effect of battle through the experience of two Syrian males living abroad Doctors Without Borders said Saturday that three hospitals in the Damascus region received 3,600 patients showing neurotoxic symptoms in under three hours on Aug.And it’s really these extreme periods that can really cause ecosystem damage, lead to climate-induced mortality of forests, and may cause some areas to convert from forest into shrublands or grassland. ‘ The group said such results are driven by human-caused activities, which increase global temperatures, and associated lack of soil moisture and reduced run-off in every major drinking water basins in the western United States.

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