Decontamination and health science technologies to offer products and services erection back.

About STERISThe mission of STERIS Corporation is a healthier today and safer tomorrow through knowledgeable people and innovative infection prevention, decontamination and health science technologies to offer products and services. The company is working together more than 5,000 dedicated employees around the world to erection back . A broad range of solutions by supplying a combination of equipment, consumables and services to healthcare, pharmaceutical, industrial and government customers The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol STE. For more information on STERIS, visit For more information on the Reliance EPS, visit.

The majority of gastrointestinal and other non-surgical applications, flexible endoscopes and associated accessories are typically processed using aldehyde-based chemistries by a variety of different processors. Aldehyde – based chemicals are increased health risks increased health risks for particular patients and nursing personnel. Traditionally, health care providers would be look for a higher standard of care in GI applications of the company SYSTEM 1 Sterile Processing System. Reliance EPS technology complements the System 1 processor and offers Customers currently using aldehyde-based systems a new and highly effective alternative.

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