Dementia is certainly a huge threat to your public health system also to our nation&39.

Alzheimer Society of Canada requests for Canadian Alzheimer’s disease and dementia partnership 83 percent of Canadians want a national dementia strategy On the eve of World Alzheimer's Day, the Alzheimer Culture of Canada has called on the government to immediately set up a Canadian Alzheimer's disease and dementia partnership to lead and facilitate the development and execution of a national dementia strategy. The Culture made its proactive approach in a speech shipped by CEO Mimi Lowi-Little at the Economic Club of Canada. ‘Dementia is certainly a huge threat to your public health system also to our nation's productivity,’ says Lowi-Young article more info .

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Alzheimer’s Disease Prognosis After a person has been identified as having Alzheimer’s disease and treatment has begun, the individual will demand regular checkups along with his or her health-treatment professional. These checkups permit the health-care professional to observe how well treatment can be working and make modifications as necessary. They allow detection of new medical and behavior issues that could reap the benefits of treatment. These visits also supply the family caregiver an opportunity to discuss problems in the individual’s care. Eventually the person with Alzheimer’s disease will become unable to look after himself or herself, or to make decisions about his or her care even. It’s best for the person to discuss future care plans with family members as soon as possible, so that his / her wishes could be clarified and documented for future years.

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