Embryonic stem cell research not a money-maker so far.

The disease usually begins when the patient is aged between 10 and 20 years. Photoreceptor loss by degeneration in the pigmented layer of the retina eventually causes leading to blindness.. Embryonic stem cell research not a money-maker so far. Advanced Cell Technology, accumulated losses of over $ 180 years, began in the mid-1990s. What are hESC RPE cells? RPE is an extremely thin, pigmented cell layer just below the retina. It nourishes the photoreceptors and the performance away waste products. Human embryonic stem cells can into any type of cell, including enable RPE cells. Dry AMD and degenerative diseases of the retina SMD , a common form of macular degeneration causes a progressive loss of vision.

Stargardt macular dystrophy, dry AMD and other types of atrophy of macular degeneration are generally impossible to treat these common forms of blindness strongly safe and effective therapies Lanza said:.In 2008 , these developments. Reflect the overall model that larger increases of health care expenditure of GDP usually occur during and shortly after hours of the economic recession. ‘.. 16 on National Health expenses DataNew the National Health expenditure statement dates released by CMS data indicate that health care expenditure in the U.S. Grew up 4.4 % in 2008. Although the recession has launched a drop into the rate of increase healthcare costs, the data show, that costs even further to grow fast than the national economy and the share of GDP dedicated public health continues to rise.

This is in keeping operation with national data and Details made health plans indicates that the costs are to be expected in the health care still further rise in 2009 receive by their underlying growth of the charges of health care.

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