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For future studies, it suggests that researchers use large to identify trends to identify trends to identify in liver transplantation, or that they conduct studies to compare different strategies more . In the absence of effective antivirals, she concludes, we are committed to a better understanding of the factors associated with outcomes that we minimize with damage to patient current management current management strategies as sure .

###article . Racial differences in the treatment of hospitalized patients with liver cirrhosis and complications of portal hypertension: A National Study Nguyen, Geoffrey; Segev, Dorry; Thuluvath, Paul Hepatology; May 2007, .

David Brooks, New York Times: The debate hand that Clinton having Obama on the need health seat recalled the debates to with a with Sen. Jim Cooper when her failed health care reform efforts in the 1990s, once guest post from Brooks countries. Clinton has set up a war opposing area Cooper, anyone who had been legislative, different than the Clinton proposal from imported not included employers have been positions universal coverage universal coverage, Brooks writes , according to Brooks, her assistants threw his craft map to raise money from the insurance and hospitals branches and said. It was in league with to for-profit hospital crush competitors in and monopolize the industry, although Cooperstown centrist health mixture was fully consistent with their whole philosophy of. But her efforts went to backfire and its legislation is not reasonable to receive support in Congress, writes Brooks. Was did Clinton said the teachings the lessons from this error, but it has once again Music that debate on among both universal coverage and universal access to a type philosophic holy grail of, with one party of justice and a a party to the errors Brooks writes. That that they are looking for done, though they had not answered legitimate questions about a mechanism for enforcing their medical insurance mandate (Brooks, Times, reprinted by courtesy of you the entire Kaiser Daily Health policy coverage from indicate in the archives of , or sign up for email infeed in Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report be on Emperor network. A free service from the Henry J. Kaiser Family releases foundatio 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.

Post profiles Romania Abortion – Related MovieWashington Post on Friday Textured the Romanian film that ‘4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days,’in which one student learns an illegal abortion in communist Romania in 1987. According to post office, the film gained the Palme d’Or over the past year in the Cannes Film Festival, ‘graphical abortions and its impact ‘and ‘less graphically but equally troubling,’also illustrates the children and their friend sex affected by abortion these providers. The film offers U.S. Audience that has been ‘handled ‘for of the ‘of consolation ‘pregnancy-related movie ‘Knocked Up’and ‘Juno ‘with a ‘sample of filmmaking and who dares To be frank about the high %age of female reproductive lives, ‘to Post reports. – The film ‘no way a film is titled abortion ‘but provides that mark ‘ survive in a ‘repressive system ‘, guilt to abortion in an effort to enhance the population of the country, according to which postal According to director Cristian Mungiu, the movie. Writer and Director, long-term consequences the shortage of connection between the abortions and morals in communist Romania. ‘Lack of morally been of one of the worst things ‘Communist regime, said Cristian Mungiu. That the that the ‘long-term consequences ‘are apparently day and that abortion is the most common form of contraception in Rumania (Hornaday, Washington Post.

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