For the 5th consecutive year.

The trial is believed to be the largest head and neck malignancy study ever executed and is named ‘IT-Issues’, an acronym for: Immunotherapy Multikine Anti Tumor Treatments. CEL-SCI’s Phase III medical trial can be an open-label, randomized, managed, multi-center study designed to determine if Multikine administered prior to current standard of care utilized for treatment naive subjects with Advanced Main Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Oral Cavity/Soft Palate will result in an increased overall rate of survival versus topics treated with regular of care just. It will be the initial trial where immunotherapy will become administered before any other traditional means of care are attempted. Stage II clinical trials of Multikine demonstrated the merchandise was safe and well-tolerated and removed tumors in 12 percent of subjects, which are the patient population right now being selected for the Phase III Study.We believe the AZX100 medical data merit its continued advancement, stated Jock Holliman, Executive Chairman of Capstone Therapeutics. .. Clinithink, Acusis to boost scientific documentation in ambulatory and acute care and attention settings Acusis, LLC and Clinithink Ltd. The collaboration serves to create a solution which identifies and analyzes tendencies in rich narrative scientific data to enable improved outcomes. This endeavor is consistent with both companies shared vision to support healthcare organizations in their quest to boost care decisions through knowledge produced from data.

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