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For the study, researchers used a pharmacy database of all prescriptions in four classes given by chronic medications, uninsured and Medicaid patients to verfolgen.000 prescriptions as antihypertensives , oral diabetes agents, peptic ulcers and reflux medications, and non-narcotic analgesics were categorized in the nine months before and after the relocation to the practice followed, at which time the drug sample closet was permanently closed due to a lack of appropriate space the new building.

A possible explanation, Miller said, because Medicaid patients rarely receive samples, doctors are prescribing decisions for these patients were managed, what drug they thought was best and not on what samples are randomly in the cupboard available. – In terms of safety and effectiveness, the most information about the most information about older drugs are used for years and are often studied more, Miller said. Sometimes the doctors did not realize that a new drug has serious side effects until it was used in a large number of people or for a long time. recent years, recent years, Miller added, the Food and Drug Administration has issued warnings about some new drugs and a few have been pulled from the market, showing how a promising drug discovered later harmful. – Doctors and medical organizations need to ask themselves if samples do more harm than good from 1st added. While doctors might intend to someone by giving a free trial that will help in the long run, it could cost them more. And removing samples from a practice can help doctors focus on which medication for a patient for a patient, rather than passed the drugs are free of charge. Patients money money should ask their doctor effective an effective generic medications available for their condition, instead of taking a sample. The long run, the generic recipe save more. .

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