Ie reduced neurogenesis not to stress-related behavioral deficits.

The result of the study showed that the removal of neurogenesis does not affect animals sensitivity to UCMS in several behavioral assays, ie reduced neurogenesis not to stress-related behavioral deficits. The researchers also show the existence of both neurogenesis – dependent and-independent mechanisms for the reversal of stress-induced behavior of AD drugs. Two experimental approaches to treating depression, the blockade of the CRF1 receptor or the vasopressin – 1B receptor, the researchers show their efficacy in reversing the effects of stress on behavior even when neurogenesis is disrupted.

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The two-year results also support the Orthokine therapy from OA. As OA has a chronic disease that is the long-term therapeutical of success of particular interest for patients. 310 patients took part in the two-year examination of the arthrosis study, 188 by you yet profited from the first two years ago for therapy, and 122 patients called for further therapy options in the meantime. That set with the least number from patients who was a post-treatment to Orthokine group.

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