In an election by the National Labor Relations Board conducted.

In an election by the National Labor Relations Board conducted, Doctors Hospital of Sarasota RNs voted 91 to 52, the National Nurses Organizing Committee – Florida, NNU join affiliate Florida. NNOC – Florida some 200 about 200 RNs at physicians.

Nationwide provides NNU 8000 HCA HCA RNs at 20 hospitals in Texas, Missouri, Kansas and California and Florida.The choice in Sarasota also follows a wave of NNOC – Florida wins election late last year to other HCA hospitals in Florida. The HCA RNs met last week in Tampa, begin negotiations with HCA to a collective agreement. – ‘We want selected to improve the quality of patient care,’said Medical RN Geneice Hunt. ‘Together, my colleagues and I have a clear statement that it is time for our voices to be heard and respected. We won the right to bargain collectively and negotiate in good faith negotiate in good faith for contract guarantees. ‘ ‘We look forward to another RN colleagues have already begun negotiations to improve the quality of care and the standards to recruit and retain experienced nurses come,’said Sarasota Doctors RN Dawn Edwards.Multiple myeloma is treatable, but to disease has a high recurrence rate. Scientists like Lin and his colleague Irene Ghobrial of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute are interested in was impossible because multiple myeloma by finding improved drugs and treatment strategies. New optical device is has become is a valuable tool ground that they different experimental various experimental chemotherapy agents and therapeutical strategy mice multiple myeloma.

Power Eskom says there features antiretroviral medicines to HIV-positive workers and bases managers bonus, the number their employees has attended the undertaking voluntary counseling and testing Department. Of De Beers well as ARVs for workers even after it leave the company. Anglo tells it is hoped, their South African employees test velocity from 21 percent in 2004 to 50 percent this year. Headquartered in New York New York-based Global Business Coalition on HIV / AIDS, said that the three companies are global way forward , but that small companies must do more to to combat HIV / AIDS, planning according to Reuters get.

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