In future studies.

In future studies, Dr. Raine to determine determine as CXCL1 mediated protection in MS. ‘Exploration of these pathways provides new therapeutic approaches to improve the limited remyelination typically seen in MS. ‘ Omari KM, Lutz SE, Santambrogio L, Lira SA, Raine CS ‘Neuroprotection and remyelination after autoimmune demyelination in mice that inducibly overexpress CXCL1. ‘Am J Pathol 2009, 174:164-176.

The autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis attacks the central nervous system, resulting in demyelination of neurons. Myelin-producing cells in the central nervous system severely depleted in lesions in patients with MS.Like to work your views on to the NHS electronic record systemThe the NHS wants your opinion to an personal online health care information service called HealthSpace.

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