IRIN examines the situation of refugees in Dadaab.

‘After Refugees International, overcrowding in Dadaab,’that international standards for basic services are not met. Is a shortfall is a shortfall of 36,000 latrines and 50 % of refugees have access to less than 13 liters of water per day ‘. The IRC and RCK say there are about 400,000 refugees in Kenya. Kellie Leeson, of the managed managed in Kenya, said: ‘in Kenya – in sprawling camps like Dadaab and Kakuma and in urban centers such as Nairobi – hundreds of thousands of refugees are fighting every day without adequate basics such as food, health and hygiene ‘(Xinhua.. IRIN examines the situation of refugees in Dadaab, where facilities for people on the run host the’.[E] ver – deteriorating security situation in Somalia ‘are ‘bursting ,, does the fear of a major crisis shelters.

Examines refugee situations in Kenya, South Sudan, Pakistan Marks World Refugee DayIRIN writes that by the end of the year was 2008 16 million refugees 16 million refugees, the people, the international borders are crossed, and some 26 million IDPs – people who ‘have ‘uprooted to other areas within their own countries, ‘said UNHCR’s 2009 Global Trends Report, the number of IDPs. Grows faster than the number of refugees due to the changing nature of conflict, the majority of conflicts today are in the individual countries and less between nations, ‘said UNHCR, told IRIN writes.This paper’s first author has Haley Fiske, Assistant Professor in in the division of gastroenterology.

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