Led by Professor Andrew Smith.

Related StoriesDoes dandruff cause emotional distress? It tested for general mental ability including memory and interest period in a controlled scenario in order to get a precise view of the impact of breakfast cereals on body and mind.’ The outcomes revealed kids who start the day off with cereal are: 9 percent more alert 11 percent less emotionally distressed 13 per cent less tired 17 percent less anxious 10 percent less likely to suffer memory and attention span complications, than those that have no breakfast 33 percent less likely to suffer from stomach complaints.. Children who eat cereal are more alert Analysis conducted by the Cardiff University College of Psychology has revealed children who have eat cereal are more alert and have fewer memory and attention span problems than those that skip breakfast.‘The many potential preventive health benefits of breastfeeding should also become communicated openly to the general public, not merely to mothers, therefore breastfeeding can be even more accepted and facilitated,’ they added. This is simply not the first study to find a positive link between breastfeeding and wellness. Previous studies currently associated it with a higher IQ, fewer ear or chest infections, a lesser risk for Sudden Baby Death Syndrome , and protection from becoming overweight or developing diabetes in existence later. Most scientists will concur that breast milk is the best option definitely, but Professor Chris Bunce, of the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Analysis charity, says that more research is necessary and moms who feed their baby formula shouldn’t be too worried about this research.

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