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E) Ultrasonography is the first line of study. If it conclusively proves a limited 3 shot IVP was performed and provided an accurate diagnosis in 89 percent. A total of 64 percent of the patients passed their stones spontaneously. Placed placed in 15 percent, ureteroscopy was performed in 9 percent, and only 2 percent was placement of a nephrostomy tube. It must be noted, nearly 2/3rds of the stents during the third trimester during the third trimester, in these patients, almost half poorly tolerated the stents. Given the high success of ureteroscopy and the need to provide a often post ureteroscopy stent, it appears that may be a better alternative than ureteroscopy stenting, if intervention is needed, especially in the third trimester. G ) was carried out among the patients with an indwelling stent, regular ultrasound every 6-8 weeks, in order to detect incrustations require stent exchange. As such, stent changes in only 22 percent of patients were required.

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