Made to be quicker for higher TOC sample evaluation throughput for the occupied QC laboratory.

Unlike many TOC analyzers, the QBD1200 will a primary TOC measurement. To greatly help pharmaceutical producers reduce paper information and tightly get rid of the use of USB storage sticks within their laboratory environments, the QbD1200 is made to export all reviews and qualification results, such as for example Calibration and Program Suitability, over Ethernet utilizing a secure FTP process to a central server. The QbD1200 is made to be utilized in a 21 CFR component 11 environment, with all data stored within an encrypted data source with a total audit log. To join up please visit The webinar shall clarify how to prevent reporting negative TOC ideals and achieve faster, higher TPC analysis.Prof. Mack is an associate of SuppreMol’s Scientific Advisory Table. ‘This licensing contract with Bayerische Patentallianz GmbH provides SuppreMol a very strong portfolio of autoimmune treatments and a potential companion RA diagnostic,’ said Professor Dr. Peter Buckel, CEO of SuppreMol GmbH. ‘Along with this Fc gamma receptor system with three scientific and two further preclinical applications targeting autoimmune diseases and allergies, this SM401 plan is another building block in the strong base of the business’s future,’ he added. Bayerische Patentallianz GmbH is the central patent and advertising agency of the Bavarian Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences, like the University of Regensburg.

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