Marines and sailors.

The Altitude Research Center, the only civilian organization focused on studying the effects of altitude on human physiology, received two grants as part of a Pentagon’s increased emphasis on using biology to produce better fighting men and women. Specifically, the government really wants to find ways to swiftly get over Acute Mountain Sickness or AMS which often strikes those serving in Afghanistan. One grant for $2.5 million allows scientists to create an easy-to-use test kit to determine who’s likely to get altitude sickness before they are deployed.Then, there may be the possibility that sufferers with visible impairment can recover their concealed visible function by rehabilitation. He also stated measurement of eyesight movements during viewing film clips is definitely an efficient solution to examine how well the individuals can see unconsciouly .

Human brain scans suggest sex addiction might not be real disorder Sex addiction might not be a real disorder, according to a fresh UCLA study. Researchers measured mind waves in self-reported sex addicts. The scans exposed that their brain’s responses when looking at sexual pictures weren’t indicative of an addiction. ‘Potentially, this is a significant finding,’ Nicole Prause, a researcher in the division of psychiatry at the Semel Institute for Individual and Neuroscience Behavior at UCLA, said in a news release.

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