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CBS This early morning Mysterious stomach bug spreading in U.S.: What you ought to know A foodborne disease is spreading through the entire country, and the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control has however to pinpoint the source. Dr. W. The CDC has received reports of 353 situations of suspected cyclospora an infection as of the night time of July 26th, based on the latest numbers released. At least 21 people have been hospitalized, and federal government officials still have not implicated a food item in the outbreak, though they are going after all leads.And it’s the choice media that now seems to have the exclusive credibility to bring it to them. Here’s another thing the mainstream media won’t tell you:.. Canadian federal government through CIDA plays a part in healthcare in Cuba A program designed to enhance health care capacity in Cuba, operated by Health Partners International of Canada, is getting into a new stage. The HPIC Cuba wellness sector system, funded by the Canadian government through CIDA, brings together government, corporate and charitable partners in Canada in order to help Cuba meet up with the medical wants of its populace. In the coming weeks, HPIC will donate to Cuban health care through three principle activities: sharing Canadian knowledge in the region of acute respiratory infections; training Cuban healthcare workers in palliative treatment; and delivering at least one more shipment of medicine and medical apparatus.

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