Now there is a new way to look at it.

Now there is a new way to look at it, the cells hepatocytes and hepatocytes and their genomes by illness disarrayed, Willenbring says she can oncogenes in the same manner have their experiment activate thereby. The cells, the identity and the identity and cancer.

Scientists used bits of bacterial DNA called plasmids increase as a transport vehicle to a level of Notch and AKT in the liver. Weeks, three-and – a-half after injection of these plasmids in mice appeared small white growths on the surface of their liver and five weeks, the tumors spread through the liver. Now, the researchers needed the origins of these the origins of these cancerous cells.Researcher of of Kyoto University, Japan, have activates mouse embryonic stem cells in spermatozoa, efficient found a new way on sterility research and treatment, according to article publishes in the journal Cell.

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