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Stroke is a significant cause of disability, with 15 million new cases every year worldwide,[5] and over one million people suffering a stroke in Western Europe each year[6] Of these patients, up to 65 % from from spasticity, has the potential to and for many of them are oral medication and / or physical therapy combined is not enough to manage spasticity.4 Postal spasticity patient function and lower quality of life than those without the disability reduziert.8] – ITB Therapy is an approved therapy for patients with severe generalized spasticity in multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, brain injury and stroke, which do not respond to non – oral medication.

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Spirited Comments to government plans for Welfare Reform, UKNew government has announced that outlined five million people of the benefits and into work, including millions of people who are will is currently claimed get Employment and Support Allowance and the ancient Incapacity Benefit for health problems and obstacles.

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