Other infectious diseases and cancer.

Ltd.. About the Arcelis technologyArcelis is Argos ‘ proprietary technology for personalizing RNA-loaded dendritic cell immunotherapies for HIV, other infectious diseases and cancer. This platform is based on optimizing a patient’s own dendritic cells a pathogen a pathogen – or tumor-specific immune response. Solve the challenge of the unique genetic profile of each patient’s illness and the genetic mutations genetic mutations of the disease, Argos loads the autologous dendritic cells with a sample of messenger RNA disease disease. Through this process, dendritic cells can potentially prime antigenic immune responses to the entire repertoire, The development ofng in an immunotherapeutic patient’s adapted to the patient’s specific disease.

– Leksell Gamma Knif PERFEXION, a fine-tuned radiosurgery tool that has to deal with the ability multiple brain metastases in one session, reducing the damage to healthy tissue future treatment future treatment options and thus for concomitant chemotherapy for optimum primary tumor control.Approximately 100 child diagnosis by neuroblastoma** annual in Britain, usually under age of five. Total of six out of ten children be treated successful, but for children with advanced forms of cancer it treat successfully. Treat successfully. Doctors estimate that would around 40 children per year in Great Britain entitled to and of potentially benefit from this new therapy.

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