Reported in the July 14 issue of Nature Genetics.

He believes that APOBEC3B is a biological ‘double-edged sword’ that protects some cells from viruses such as for example HIV and produces mutations that give rise to cancer in others. Harris hopes to locate a real method to block APOBEC3B from mutating DNA, as sunscreen blocks mutations that result in melanoma just. Many tumor mutations have already been identified, but finding a common source of mutation such as for example APOBEC3B is likely to help researchers to go ‘upstream’ and look for a method to stop carcinogenesis nearer to its resource, he says, ‘like damming a river before it wreaks havoc on downstream areas.’ It’s also possible that a simple check for APOBEC3B could be used to detect cancer earlier.Just to be clear, this isn’t just some tongue-in-cheek rant expressing dissatisfaction with federal government ‘incompetence,’ or with the actions of the current political party ‘in control’ – – it’s an undeniable fact that inevitably leads us all much further down the rabbit hole, and a truth that more Americans need to understand for the purpose of learning how to both get away from the clutches of Federal government Inc. And ultimately shut it down. Certain parasitic entities, you observe, have infiltrated our once-free Republic and turned it into a military-industrial fascist declare that serves private interests. And you, American, unless you figure out how to ‘opt out’ of this evil system, are a willing participant within your own tyranny, whether you understand it or not.

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