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Abortion, Health Care Reform Revive Support Christian RightAlthough some analysts that the abortion was not a prominent issue say in the 2008 election, has used the Christian right because up to opposition to drum President Obama’s health care reform efforts, said that the reform is mandated lead federal funds to cover abortion. Post reports that Post reports that leader of the movement leader of the movement Riding High indicate on their success in creating opposition to Obama’s health care reform plans, such as surveys, that the health care reform proposals in Congress among evangelicals among evangelicals strong need for males read more . The latest Washington Post / ABC News poll found that more than seven in 10 white evangelical Protestants said they are dissatisfied or angry about Democratic reform proposals.

House Democratic leaders on Wednesday said that they the three committee members versions of their health care reform bill in the next week to merge the time for members and and the Congressional Budget Office, in order to score points, before allowing it on the floor for a final vote introducing hope, said CQ Today reports . Democratic Democratic Caucus Chair John Larson , added on Wednesday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was very adamant to make sure that we examine a law for the people who have next week, and in addition, that it not be the final answer, but it will give us something that can say now, that’s something that can unite we all around? ‘ (House / Hunt, CongressDaily.

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