Simulation training is intended to supplement not replace.

Simulation training is intended to supplement not replace, traditional medical education. Studies have shown. That life – like simulation tools to to outcomes through the ideal setting for physicians, nurses and medical teams to improve and perfect their medical skills in a risk-free environment – infant simulator, by its product name ‘BabySIM ‘, is produced by the Florida-based company METI. Purchase of the equipment was. By funds from the Children’s Miracle Network, UC Davis School of Medicine and the local providers.

UC Davis Center for Virtual Care includes a variety of sophisticated simulation training create create a virtual hospital to perform medical procedures. Center center a single intensive care unit or replicate the flow of patients through the hospital – from the accident scene and transport to medical treatment in the emergency room, operating room or intensive care unit. The facility also offers hands-on training in the use of the medical center surgical robot, which uses one of the new, minimally invasive technologies now and is developed at the UC Davis School of Medicine..In data of 1,038 medical records Based are main results of the UVA report: Age: patient aged 2-88, average age of 46, average age 44. BMI: underweighting , plain , obesity , were obese .

The 2009 of RAM Clinic Wise are on Friday, Sunday, July 26 Sunday, July 26 on the Virginia – Kentucky Fair Grounds.

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