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Early research Khouri and colleagues have shown that using a nonmyeloablative chemotherapy approach could control the lymphoma while sparing patients the side effects of high-dose chemotherapy ranbaxy pharmacy . The transplanted blood stem cells launch an immune system attack on the lymphoma process called graft-versus – lymphoma immunity. Were encouraging were encouraging but with follicular lymphoma you follow-up follow-up to see if the results hold this disease tends to repeat at a later time, sometimes years after chemotherapy , says Khouri. .

Long-term remission of follicular lymphoma by Gentler chemotherapy prior Stem Cell Transplant Achievedtreating relapsed follicular lymphoma patients with a milder chemotherapy obtain a receive a blood stem cell transplant from a donor long-term complete remission for 45 of 47 patients in a clinical study, researchers at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center report on the 49th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology.

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Google Health, a new product which launched in mid-May of the year into life makes it possible about save to the men and to organize their medical records line, safely and securely. Product is available free of required only a user name and the password to get started. Google Health is an important tool for members safety the safety and effectiveness of their health care care, said Cleveland Killingsworth, Chairman and CEO of BCBSMA. Killingsworth added nontraditional BCBSMA continued leadership continued leadership in the the application of technology to health care better to make building on the company’s financing of of the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative and its role as founder member of MA Collaborative ERJ. – Our members tell us they want light and more portable access to its medical data, said Steven Fox, BCBSMA VP of Provider Network Owners. helping Using this information in a place may our members and their doctors to health services decisions which. The quality of care they obtain to improve To listen to More by by Steve , go here and click the list.

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